Saturday, March 16, 2019

Silent March for Racial Justice and Dixie Name Change

Silent March for Racial Justice and
Dixie School District Name Change

10:30 am
1175 Idylberry Road, San Rafael
Arrives at Old Dixie Schoolhouse Museum
11:30 am

Friday, March 15, 2019

Community Message: 2019 Little League Parade Information

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Friday March 15, 2019, 8:19 AM

Mill Valley Police Department (CA)

Community: 2019 Little League Parade Information
Dear Nixle User,
Batter up! It is getting close to Opening Day 2019 for Mill Valley Little League. On Saturday March 16, 2019, Mill Valley Little Leaguers will be participating in their annual parade. To kick off Opening Day, the parade will stage at 8:30 AM at Old Mill School (352 Throckmorton Avenue).  At 9:00 AM, the parade will commence and travel north on Throckmorton toward E. Blithedale, onto E. Blithedale, across to Sunnyside Ave., and end at Boyle Park.
Expect traffic delays along the designated parade route during the hours of 9:00 – 10:00 AM. The Mill Valley Police Department will close and open roadways as the parade moves through downtown until the little leaguers reach Boyle Park. Please visit for further information, including Opening Day updates based on the weather.
As this season of Mill Valley Little League begins, this is a reminder to parents, family, and supporters of the league to obey all parking rules surrounding Boyle Park. Parking is limited in the area and all are encouraged to walk, bike or carpool as much as possible. Residents who live in and around Boyle Park would appreciate those attempting to find a parking spot to follow all parking rules and signs in the area. Do not block someone's driveway, park in an undesignated space, or use someone's yard as a cut-through. You may be ticketed or towed for not following the parking rules and signs, so please take extra time to locate a marked and designated parking spot. 
We hope everyone has a great season and wish all the teams best of luck, Play Ball!

For full details, view this message on the web.
Sent by Mill Valley Police Department (CA)
1 Hamilton Dr, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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PaintBox - Call for Utility Box Designs - Deadline Extended!

Hopefully, a few artists still live in Mill Valley.
It helps to remain optimistic.

Mill Valley Arts Commission 

PaintBox - Call for Utility Box Designs 
Submission deadline has been extended to Friday, April 12th by 5pm  

The Mill Valley Arts Commission's Art in Public Places program is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through the transformation of ordinary objects - the utility box, the park bench, the mailbox, the ping pong table, etc.
This Public Art Program Art in Public Places includes five program elements; one of which is PaintBox; the aim of this project is to highlight local artists within our community and, in doing so, brighten up the streets, beautifying ugly utility boxes and deterring vandalism.
Selected artists or artist groups will receive a $500 artist honorarium plus a materials reimbursement for materials and supplies not to exceed $250.
Click here to view and download the PaintBox Program Packet, which includes a program overview, a map of the City utility boxes, required attachment information, terms of submission, artist application, liability disclaimer, and design template and samples and program FAQs.
The deadline to send in your application, application attachments and utility box design template is Friday, March 15th, 2019 by 5pm by email only to

The Arts Commission looks forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions after reviewing the  PaintBox Program Packet please email or call 415-383-1370.

Mill Valley Recreation, 180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Jeanie Patterson, Founder of Mill Valley's Sweetwater

RIP Jeanie Patterson, and thank you for the many fond memories you ushered into this sweet little town.

Greta's Ted Talk

Greta is picking up where Severin left off. The differences being, perhaps, that not enough of us were paying attention, or we weren't experiencing firsthand the fires and floods, or it could be any number of reasons.
That said, in case you haven't heard, there is a global climate strike on March 15th. There is no time like the present to do something. We all live on this planet.
It is in all of our best interests to take care of it and each other.
What has happened in the past only matters so that we can review what we created that helped, and what hurt.
I wish you love and peace and enough.


Friday, March 1, 2019

Greg Loiacono's New Release

Long time Homestead residents may recall when Greg was a child, running amid our semi rural landscape. That was a long time ago.
He has a new music release!  Check it out here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wise Words for Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.

Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely, with too high a spirit
to be cumbered with your old nonsense.

This new day is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays.

ralph waldo emerson