Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homestead Beat Endorses Dennis Rodoni for District 4 Supervisor

Dear Neighbors:

As you may know,  I threw my hat into the ring for Marin County Supervisor District 4 this year. 
From January to June, I took every possible opportunity to interact with my fellow candidates.
During that time, I listened carefully and observed how each candidate engaged with the other candidates and the citizens who attended the forums.
I also took the time to research each candidate's background and record of public service. I encourage you to do the same. After careful consideration, I chose to publicly endorse Dennis Rodoni.

Honestly, it was an easy decision to make, given his skill set:    

Experience running a successful small business
Knowledge of planning issues
Knowledge of how government works
Family values : dedicated husband, father, grandfather
Independent thinker
Environmentally conscious : demonstrated service to coastal wetlands
Understanding of community character and appreciation for small town vibe
Dedication to the needs of seniors, especially important as our population ages.

Dennis has the right amount of experience and even temperament to make informed and fair decisions. 

Thank you for your consideration and support. Please be sure to get out and vote.
Our vote is our voice.




  1. Thanks for your endorsement, Mari. I completely agree that Dennis is the only candidate with the experience and temperament for the job. He is the only environmentalist with the Sierra Club endorsement. He is also the only Democrat in the race for those who care about such. He is hands down the better candidate and we will be well served if we elect him. (I would proudly post this under my own name—Barbara Bogard—but the only choice I'm offered is to post as "Unknown.")

  2. Hi Mari,
    Thanks for this - agree. Wondering if you or anyone knows of a progressive/'liberal' endorsement website for the upcoming election? I need guidance on both candidates and propositions. I can't recall a previous election with so many items! I got the AFL-CIO mailer, and not 100% sure if I agree with all. I want to vote next week at the County. Thanks!

  3. Try this one: