Sunday, March 5, 2017

Overheard in Homestead : Mill Valley Market, ACLU, Standing Rock, "The Deuce"

Mill Valley Market shoppers are requesting that 2% of their bill be donated to the ACLU by mentioning the .org and/or the number 8014 when going through check out. Shoppers will not be charged extra but will be supporting the organization both nationally and locally. A reminder that each of us can make a positive impact during the course of an ordinary day. Something to think about the next time we think we cannot help unless we go camp out at Standing Rock.

Speaking of Standing Rock and since it is Women's History Month, if you have a few minutes (2:45 to be exact,) I highly recommend this video of Faith Spotted Eagle somewhat mistitled "Confronting Settler Colonialism."

She shares much wisdom in this short video -- and while the topic is Standing Rock, it contains advice we can apply to many situations.

Important to note that Spotted Eagle received an electoral vote for President this year.

Recently spotted a group of people headed over to the 2am club with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. Next thing I know, James Franco has a new show called "The Deuce." Related? We may never know.

That's it for now.
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--- mt

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