Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ray Cook's 80th Birthday Post

Marin County Board of Supervisors
3501 Civic Center Drive Room #329
San Rafael, CA 94903

Honorable Supervisors:
RE: Marin County DPW and CSA#14

Today is my 80th birthday. I have lived in Homestead Valley more than half my life. I am unhappy that there is unrest in Homestead. I counsel myself that if the honorable Supervisors were to hear me out they would likely storm from their chambers and embrace me as their savior.

Hear this, please. Five weeks ago today, on October 28, 2010, at the United States Post Office in Mill Valley, I purchased in good faith from a postal clerk, two booklets of “Twenty First-Class, self-adhesive stamps,” under the heading, “Holiday Evergreens FOREVER” superimposed on an image in color of a pine cone, approximately four times the size of a single stamp. My Visa tag printout reads, “Forever Holiday Evergreens PSA Bklt, 2@ $8.80 = $17.60. Each individual stamp, however, when applied to a letter becomes “USA Forever” in a color scheme so subtle and understated as to become a subliminal implant in the mind. In my opinion, a masterstroke of deceit, and a spotlight on the causes underlying the current Unrest in Homestead, which it should be fair to assume is of some concern to the honorable Supervisors.

The mind of every child born in the United States of America is seized at birth and placed under the involuntary tutelage of the Flag. Thus is the mind of every American of any age a malleable subject of the Flag, and any act committed in the name of the Flag is not automatically called to the same standards of rational public scrutiny as any other act. Stumbling through life as we do, one grows accustomed to this somnambulistic state. Which is my explanation to myself of the acceptance by the public of the Bangkok traffic patterns that are developing around them; and why until recently there was no organized concern for the proposed sidewalk on Evergreen Avenue in Homestead; and why in 2009, CSA#14, right before the very eyes of the honorable Supervisors, adroitly pulled off a two thirds majority vote by only thirty two percent of the registered voters for a parcel tax that will increase automatically every year into eternity, Measure “A” Homestead. The other sixty eight percent were asleep!! Thanks to the soporific effect of an imagined state of safety under the Flag.
(“USA Forever.”)

I speak only for myself, but voter somnambulism seems to have become a handy tool in the chart rooms of those who are plotting our course.
The Unrest in Homestead has roots both in the Evergreen Sidewalk Project and Measure “A“ Homestead 2009. And they are deep.

Yours very truly,

Ray Cook
(Raymond B. Cook)

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