Friday, July 13, 2012

Marin Board of Supervisor Meeting Recap

Marin Board :
The following provides a list of selected highlights we deem of interest to Homestead residents from the Board agenda. Please click here to check out the Cyberagenda for copies of these reports and others.

1. Marin County Employee Survey Results Presented During Workshop - The Board heard the results of the County’s recently completed employee survey. The County showed progress over a 2009 survey in the majority of areas that measure employee engagement. According to the results, the County exceeds the national average related to the employee’s commitment to customer service. According to a Marin IJ story, employees are skeptical about management :
CLICK HERE for the story
Need more info?
Contact: Joanne Petereson, Director of Human Resources at

2. Expenditure Plan for Potential Parks Funding Measure Discussed - On June 26th the Board heard the results of a survey that tested voter support for a potential countywide sales tax increase, funding from which would be dedicated towards parks, open space and agricultural land preservation. Staff returned to the Board with a proposed expenditure plan outlining how such funds could be allocated. After hearing the staff presentation as well as public testimony, the Board directed staff to return with more explicit details, including how the measure would be structured and how funding allocation decisions would be made as part of the expenditure plan. Staff will return on July 24th, when the Board will decide whether to place a measure on the November ballot.
The survey showed that the public is VERY concerned about restoring and preserving the wetlands and endangered habitat. 
Need more info? Go to the video and start at 34:00 ; 38:00 starts talk about streams and flood control.
Contact: Katherine Jones, External Affairs Coordinator of Marin County Parks
50:17 - Cela O'Connor speaks about MALT, Countywide Plan, riparian systems, fish and habitat, suggests a paid volunteer coordinator for this program
3. Stormwater Permit Status Update Provided - The State Water Resources Control Board regulates stormwater discharge from small municipally-owned systems and is now proposing to adopt new regulations that would dramatically increase permit requirements for cities and counties statewide. Staff reviewed proposed changes and the Board authorized submission of written comments to the state. Need more info?
Watch 1:37 on the video. See the Full Report
Contact: Liz Lewis, Principal Watershed Planner at
more on MCSTOPP (LINK)

7. Final Actions on Panoramic Highway Speed Limit Change Authorized - Based upon data provided by County engineers, the Board authorized a reduction in the speed limit from 45mph to 40mph on a section of Panoramic Highway near Sequoia Valley Road. A first reading of an ordinance making this change previously occurred on June 19th.
Full Report Contact: Bob Goralka, Senior Civil Engineer at

There is no Board meeting on July 17th

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