Friday, November 7, 2014

NEXTDOOR Tips : Editing Your Posting, Mute a Discussion

Nextdoor allows you to edit your original posting -
you can also edit your subject line

To edit, choose "edit" from the drop down box to the right of the REPLY button.

Original Subject Line : Furniture for Sale
Updated : Furniture for Sale : SOLD

Original : LOST DOG
Edited : LOST DOG : Found, thanks!

Original : FREE Moving Boxes
Updated : FREE Moving Boxes : TAKEN

I also recommend that you reply to your original post, so that neighbors who are most interested (those who have replied or thanked your post.) will get the update.

Editing the subject line makes it easy for neighbors who are not subscribed to "replies" keep up with the latest news. while also sparing you the extra email inquiries you would receive after your item is already sold, given away, pet found, etc.

To close the discussion. Just choose the drop down arrow to the right of the REPLY box.
This will help reduce the spam in all our inboxes.

You may also search and delete old postings. Especially helpful if,  after receiving new information, you have changed your opinion about a matter of concern to the community.

Mute a discussion :

Nextdoor now allows you to mute a discussion.
This is helpful when a neighbor offers something for free and a bunch of folks start asking questions about size, color, availability, etc.
Also, if you have thanked or replied to a posting, you will likely receive replies (check your settings) if you are no longer interested in receiving replies, just hit the view or reply button in the email, choose the drop down menu on the right and select "mute discussion."

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