Thursday, January 4, 2018

VIEW : In Case You Missed It: Story Poles for Proposed Marin Horizon School Project (updated 1/10 to include artist rendering)

Last week, I took these photos of the story poles for Marin Horizon School's  proposed mixed use building and library. 
Since the story poles for the mixed use building have already been removed,  I am sharing them here for the benefit of neighbors who did not have the opportunity to view them over the holiday break. 
That said, please believe me when I state that the photos do not begin to portray the massive scale of this project. Imho, It does not fit the site. 

To subscribe to the project page on the County website, choose "Subscribe to this page" in the upper right hand corner of the project page:

I strongly recommend neighbors with any interest/concerns about this proposed construction contact the planner directly ASAP by clicking on the planner's name on project page. This action will bring up a comment box, where you can make a comment for the public record. If you are not a good letter writer, just say "no." 
While I appreciate that the school seems to be making some effort to improve community outreach/marketing efforts, the proposed project is much too large for the site.
Addition of these buildings will take an open outdoor space in a verdant semi rural setting and render it urban and claustrophobic.
This project will change the look and feel of the entire community center area and will not be an improvement for the Homestead community at large - or the students. I do not see how anyone could be convinced that this project is a good idea for this site, this neighborhood, this climate - let alone be convinced to pay for it!

If you share these views, please make your voices heard. The sooner, the better.

Artist rendering : Michael Lipman

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