Monday, December 20, 2021

Supervisor Dennis Rodoni Comments on Marin County Redistricting

When asked to comment on Marin County's redistricting, this was Supervisor Rodoni's response: 

"Because of the short turnaround time,  because the census data was so late, the BOS decided to set some goals for the redistricting for 2020.

  1. Balance the population within 5% deviation  Currently it was 9.2%.
  2. Minimize the changes and impacts on residents
  3. Recognize communities of interest .
  4. Meet all State and Federal laws.

This redistricting efforts met all those goals.  While I understand the wishes of some southern Marin residents to combine all areas of Mill Valley into one district by moving Homestead into District three, the goals set above would not have been achieved.  District 3 would have been over populated and county would have had a 8+ % deviation.  

I am honored to represent Homestead and Muir Woods Park and will continue to do my best to meet their needs for the next ten years when this subject will be revisited.

The exciting news for District Four which was under populated ,  and both District 2 and District 1  which were over populated, is that residents in the Bret Harte and Lincoln corridor areas were moved into District four combining eastern San Rafael with other Hispanic populations in central San Rafael, and moving a communities of interest  into one  supervisor district.  Including the Hispanic populations of West Marin this makes D4 the highest population of Hispanic residents in the county (32%).  As with all other residents in D4 I am proud to represent this expanded group of residents of Marin.    



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