Since the County forced its concrete sidewalk, claiming it would be a "safer route to schools," there have been at least FOUR FIVE documented accidents on Evergreen. Many residents have noticed an increase in speed on the street.

As you may or may not know, Evergreen's perfect safety record was one of the main reasons we objected to the sidewalk. 

Other reasons we objected to the Safe Routes project: 

- lack of process - sidewalk plan was in play for several years before neighbors who would be most impacted found out about it
- design not in accordance with Tam Plan. Urban concrete sidewalk conflicts with our neighborhood's character / semi-rural environment
- no environmental review, no consideration for water flow impact upon downstream neighbors, endangered species of fish (steelhead) 
- people and entities outside of Homestead lobbied for the sidewalk
- funding to build the sidewalk was awarded to a grant application that contained misrepresentation of community support and an exaggeration of danger to pedestrians (isn't that fraud?) 

In short, we ended up with the slab because the project had progressed for several years before most of us found out about it. So, as far as our current District 4 County Supervisor was concerned, project had progressed too far to turn back ( plus, he had already supported it in its early stage.)  And there was funding for concrete sidewalks and not enough funding for County road maintenance.

Unfortunately, the year extension did not yield any significant change in design, as concerned residents (who were willing to compromise not well versed in the devious ways of local/not so local politics ) were led to believe. 
Instead, the extra time was used to gather political support for the project.

This blog, other neighborhood blogs linked in the sidebar and sharing information in Nextdoor are all attempts to improve communication in our community. 

"The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open.Gunter Grass





  1. Being a Homestead resident myself for the past 25 years (since the age of 6) I can tell you that I am 100% against any type of cement sidewalk being installed on our street or in our neighborhood. We do not want these changes to Evergreen! How would these people feel if we just came into their neighborhoods and started building stuff that changed the history, foundation, and structure? Building things that did not match- just for the sake of our kids being all up in their area/space. You gotta love how people move in like that and take over, not caring about integrity or how the residents feel. Its just all about their kids and their peace of mind, when the funny thing is its their cars and their traffic that ever made Evergreen an unsafe place to begin with!

  2. Ask Kinsey why he haa not held the vote on the sidewalk he promised in 2011 ? I feel it may be uncostitutional to impose a sidewalk a parcel without a vote and I know its not ethical to impose a sidewalk thst does not comply witn the Tamalpais Area Community Plan.

  3. it is obvious that you want attention, perhaps something bad happened in your childhood that is making you crazy. I want a sidewalk!!

  4. Is that really necessary, to insult people who don't agree with you? If you want a sidewalk, move to a neighborhood where there are sidewalks.

  5. That is so rude. I think we can express ourselves civilly. I for one appreciate Mari's Dedication. I don't want a sidewalk!

    And am willing to sign my name

  6. Actually, Anonymous - that is pretty funny. If I want attention, all I have to do is sing.

  7. We should be thankful the identity of "Anonymous" remains hidden. The arrogance and snotty insults pale in comparison to this creature's contemptible, two-faced character. To know who it is that sashays about Homestead Valley under the guise of a friendly neighbor while attacking other Homestead residents from concealment would, I daresay, tax the restraint of some of us beyond the limit. During the war in Vietnam, the one thing we hated more than anything else, was snipers — even our own!

  8. Well anonymous why don't you just throw a temper tantum in the middle of Evergreen Ave, kick your heels, bunp your heads and whine at the top of your head "I want a sidewalk" like the spoiled enfant you present yourself as ?

  9. Or, you could have a tantrum by writing 50 letters to Steve Kinsey.

  10. Or you could have some consideration for your fellow citizens. Or the backbone to just admit you made a mistake.
    This currently proposed sidewalk is being forced on Evergreen against the guidelines of the TAM plan, against the wishes of the majority of the property owners who will be responsible to maintain it and the residents who do not want it - in an effort to help coax Marin Horizon School clients to walk down Evergreen, so the school can keep their Use Permit.
    This is an assault on our environment - and we will no longer stand for being treated like children by the "powers that be" - time for a power shift!

    1. Or get rid of Kinsey by voting for Diane Furst for District # 4 Supervisor.

  11. The loudest noise will actually be the roar of heavy machinery....GO SIDEWALK GO!!!

  12. why are the "pro-sidewalk" people :
    1) unwilling to sign their name
    2) unwilling to help the Evergreen residents with a "community built path" project?

  13. Hey Anonymous I know who you are. You are a MHS Board Member, live on Edgewood, a real estate attorney and can't deal with nasty but true revelations about MHS.
    You gave your self away last night when you cited names in the same sequence with quotes you have used on HV94941.
    Send me your email and I'll send you documented proof of the special priviliges that MHS received massive numbers of special privileges from people in high places. (Kinsey, Hinds, Mansourian, Moheb, Tejerian)

    If it walks like a duck and quaks like a duck it just might be a duck :)

  14. I just want to say that I think it is great that you are standing up for your neighborhood like this. I used to live on Evergreen as a child and had to walk home everyday from school. I personally would have felt safer walking home on a sidewalk. Perhaps there just aren't that many kids walking home from school these days. I'm not sure. But I just thought I would share my opinion. Either way, I don't live there anymore and I believe strongly that it should be up to the people that actually LIVE in the neighborhood.

    1. You might want to read the latest post on the HEAR US blog : http://hv94941hearus.blogspot.com/2012/06/facts-and-another-article-on-planning.html

  15. By the way, I am a different "Anonymous"

  16. Thanks for your opinion. Where on Evergreen did you feel unsafe? Where did you used to live? Where did you go to school?

  17. Thank goodness the sidewalk is being built. Long overdue and much delayed despite typical Marin "activists.". I love Steelhead trout also. - pan fried with lemon and butter! Can't wait until it is fully open.

    BTW, which of you crackpots climbed the plum tree to "halt" construction?

  18. If MHS' corportion's board of directors had wanted to be neighborhood friendly they would have bought 2 vans or small buses to van or bus their +/- 20 different ever morning only park and walk MHS students.

    Might have cost +/- $120,000 but then its MHS' board of director's problem to solve not the responsibility of tax payer funded SR2S'.

    But no .. because MHS parents don't like their children walking only in the mornings along a semi-rural street without suburban sidewalks that Homestead Valley children walked and bike to the same school for more than 70 years without even a "near accident" MHS applied for a got funds to pay DPW to design and manage the construction of a suburban sidewalk.

    Just so MHS doesn't lose +/- $22,000 a year tuition paying parent clients who don't approve of their children getting the experience of walking along a semi-rural 100 % safe street as our Evergreen Ave children had prior to MHS being imposed on the Marin County owned
    site of Mill Valley School District Homestead Valley Elemntary School.

    MHS' SR2S funded sidewalk is responsible for the: denuding of many mature flowering plum street trees, an exceedingly high and dangerous step at an elderly long time Evergreen Ave. resident and; driveway entrances that may predclude sone residents from construting on site parking spaces to replaece those possibly lost to the streey being narrowed; narrowing the street's traffic width and potentially daming residentials parcels' storm water runoff behind MHS' new raised sidewalk, that MHS' board of dirctor's want, precluding it from running off into the street and and applied for, DPW engineered and designed to comply with MHS' SR2S funding design requirements Ghilotti is now building.